Business Coach inspired
by Anthony Robins

Save Max International
For the past fifteen years, as a leader, CEO and the President, I have built... read more »

Europe Energy Center
In the last two years I have built from zero the fastest growing... read more »

Life Coach
inpired by OSHO

As an absolvent of the Master University of a famous US coach, Anthony Robins... read more »


Robert ZagozdzonOfficial Website


“You Are” what you are looking for...

Your purpose is in the present: Be One With Life...
Debts of present moment are debts of: Who Are You?...
We are never upset for the reason that we are thinking,
we just lose the present moment... 

Make present moment the First Priority,
most important in your life by Grace...
If not then something will always be Not Right,
we will never be good enough ...

It is only with the heart that you see rightly; 
what is essential is invisible to an eye.

Just your strong spirit helps you to be able to,
at any moment, sacrifice what you are,
for what you could become…