Business Coach inspired
by Anthony Robins

Save Max International
For the past fifteen years, as a leader, CEO and the President, I have built... read more »

Europe Energy Center
In the last two years I have built from zero the fastest growing... read more »

Life Coach
inpired by OSHO

As an absolvent of the Master University of a famous US coach, Anthony Robins... read more »


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Open Your Mind

A change is nothing but a decision. And all decisions are controlled by what we link to pain and pleasure. Thus, destiny is shaped by decisions, but decisions are shaped consistently by your system of evaluating. It depends on the State and the Question you ask yourself. Change your questions and you will change your destiny… 

Do you know the right questions?...

Closed mind means that we are closed to everything that exists beyond the facts that we can experience with the five senses…

Monstrosity of a closed mind results from the fact that it prevents us from experiencing happiness and keeps us imprisoned by human illusions. It keeps us from discovering our own splendor and realizing our potential…