Business Coach inspired
by Anthony Robins

Save Max International
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Europe Energy Center
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Life Coach
inpired by OSHO

As an absolvent of the Master University of a famous US coach, Anthony Robins... read more »


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Primary purpose of life is to be here, aligned with life, this very present moment.
Doing what you are supposed to do. Life in happiness and love, Oneness...

Waiting for what happens next moment is extremely frustrating
because of anxiety, stress, fear. Next thing is just a thought.
This is a secondary purpose...

The essence of change is a shift
from a Thought Base Entity to an Awareness Base Entity...
Then the world loses its intensity and heaviness.
Its lightness is in it. It is no longer a threatening world...

The normal human state of awareness
is a "dreaming state", deeply in thoughts.
Just sometimes you shift and realize "there is no problem"...

Mind is addictive - enter the Body. 
Whatever you submit to, you will become that.
I would rather have a mind open by wonder than one closed by a belief...