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End this game. Unleash the power within!

You have been playing the same games all your life since you were a child; showing who is taller, faster and more clever… You play Monopoly and then you invest in the stock market…

This is childishness. You can change toys from smaller to bigger ones, have more and more fascinating gadgets – but it will not make any difference…

You feel that you are missing something. You know that
with all the rubbish in your head, the sacred cow’s dung in your heart,
changes will be merely cosmetic.

Until you take a step to get to know yourself, nothing will change.
You will be the same and your life will be determined by chance.
Only by getting to know yourself, you will be able to see through the fog
and take some conscious steps towards freedom, love and happiness.
And you will achieve this by “…”…

Any decorations of your ego are nothing but cheating yourself. Your body is getting
weaker, your mind is getting weaker. The same gradually happens to the ego which
is the combination of the two. And fear becomes stronger and stronger: we are sitting
on a volcano which may erupt at every moment. It does not let us rest, it does not allow
us to relax, it prevents us from enjoying our lives…

Robert Zagozdzon
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